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  • Toy motor, DC Motor, round
  • Toy motor, DC Motor, round

Round Toy Motor with Alligator Clips

Small but powerful motor for DIY projects and scientific experiments.
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Round Toy Motor with Alligator Clips

Dive into the world of DIY projects and scientific experiments with our Round Toy Motor, designed for students and hobbyists alike. This efficient motor comes equipped with wires and alligator clips, ready to be integrated into your projects. With a versatile operating voltage of DC 1.5 V to DC 3.0 V and robust performance metrics, it's perfect for building toy cars, conducting educational experiments, or any innovative creation you imagine!

Key Features

  • Compact size suitable for various projects
  • High no-load speed up to 16400 rpm at 3.0 V DC
  • Durable and efficient with max output of 1.16 Watt
  • 16.3 g weight, ideal for lightweight constructions
  • 12-inch wire with large alligator clips for easy setup


Product Specifications:

Motor Size15 x 20 x 25 mm
Shaft Length38 mm (Exposed 7.5 - 8 mm)
Voltage RangeDC 1.5 V to DC 3.0 V
No Load SpeedUp to 16400 rpm at 3.0 V DC
Max Efficiency1.16 Watt
Stall Torque44 at 3.0 V DC

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Detail Specifications1.5 Volt DC3.0 Volt DC
No load speed9100 rpm16400 rpm
No load current200 mA230 mA
Max Efficiency Speed6990 rpm13200 rpm
Max Efficiency Current660 mA950 mA
Max Efficiency Torque6 g.cm8.6
Max Efficiency Output0.43 Watt1.16 Watt
Stall Torque26 g.cm44
Stall Current2.2 Amps3.92 Amps
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: DC140RACLIP
  • Brand: MiniScience