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  • Test Tube Rack, Wooden, Laser-Cut, 12 Holes, 16mm
  • Test Tube Rack, Wooden, Laser-Cut, 12 Holes, 16mm
  • Test Tube Rack, Wooden, Laser-Cut, 12 Holes, 16mm

Test Tube Rack, Customizable Logo, 12 Holes, 16mm

High-quality, laser-cut, durable, wooden test tube holder.
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Test Tube Rack, Wooden, Laser-Cut, 12 Holes, 16mm

The Test Tube Rack, Wooden, Laser-Cut, 12 Holes, 16mm is a premium-quality laboratory accessory designed for precision and durability. Made from sturdy wooden sheets that have been laser-cut for perfect alignment, this test tube rack is ideal for a variety of uses including scientific experiments, school projects, and plant propagation. The rack features 12 holes, each accommodating 16mm test tubes, ensuring clear visibility and easy access. Its compact and portable design (19.1cm x 7.1cm x 9.4cm) makes it a convenient addition to any workspace. Assembly is simple, making it ready for use in minutes. Perfect for educational settings, this test tube rack offers both functionality and style.

Key Features

  • Versatile Models: Features 12 holes, perfect for 16mm test tubes.
  • Premium Quality: Made from sturdy, laser-cut wooden sheets for durability.
  • Compact Design: Easy to handle and fits any workspace (19.1cm x 7.1cm x 9.4cm).
  • Ideal for Education: Perfect for school science projects, labs, and plant propagation.
  • Easy Assembly: Simple to put together, making it convenient for use anywhere.
  • Clear Visibility: Provides an unobstructed view of test tube contents for efficient use.

Product Specifications:

Material Wooden sheets
Number of Holes 12
Hole Diameter 16mm
Dimensions 19.1cm x 7.1cm x 9.4cm
Assembly Easy assembly required
Usage Scientific experiments, school projects, plant propagation

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Perfect for science teachers, school laboratory technicians, home science enthusiasts, plant propagation hobbyists, college students
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  • Model: TTRACKW12-16MM
  • Brand: Mini-Science