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Super Bright Red Led, 8Mm

Super bright red LED, 8mm diameter.
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Super Bright 8mm Red LED

This LED is perfect for science experiments and electronic circuits. It emits a bright red light and is ideal for various applications requiring high luminous intensity.

Key Features

  • Low voltage operation (2V-2.5V)
  • Super bright with 7000 mcd luminous intensity
  • Clear lens for focused red light
  • Ideal 8mm diameter for versatility

Product Specifications

Lens Color: Clear
Light Color: Red
Diameter: 8mm
Luminous Intensity: 7000 mcd
Typical Voltage: 2 Volts
Current: 20 mA
Wave Length: 620-625 nm

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Perfect for: Science experiments, Electronic circuits
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: 8CR2V20MA
  • Brand: MiniScience