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  • Combination Mousetrap and Rubber Band Car Kit - Dual-Powered Educational Vehicle
  • Combination Mousetrap and Rubber Band Car Kit - Dual-Powered Educational Vehicle
  • Combination Mousetrap and Rubber Band Car Kit - Dual-Powered Educational Vehicle

Mouse Trap - Rubber Band Car Kit, Customizable Logo

Versatile kit for dual-powered 1 Car building fun.
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Mousetrap or Rubber Band Car Kit

The 1 Car Combination Mousetrap and Rubber Band Car Kit is a versatile and unique vehicle kit that can be powered either by a mousetrap or a rubber band. This innovative kit offers two fascinating methods for propulsion, allowing builders to explore different principles of physics and mechanics.

In the Mousetrap Car configuration, the vehicle uses a mousetrap as its motor and a string to transmit force. This method involves attaching one end of a string to the arm of the mousetrap and winding the other end around an axle. By winding the string around the axle, the mousetrap's spring is stretched, storing energy. When released, the mousetrap pulls the string off the axle, causing the wheels to turn and the vehicle to move forward.

In the Rubber Band Car configuration, the vehicle uses a rubber band as its motor. The rubber band is attached to a hook on the axle and wound up tightly. As the rubber band unwinds, it releases stored energy, turning the axle and propelling the car forward. This method provides a different challenge and learning experience compared to the mousetrap motor.

All parts of the car are laser cut for precision and ready for use, making it easy to assemble without the need for glue. The wheels are made of plastic and equipped with traction bands for better grip, and the axles are metallic rods for durability. The kit includes printed and online instructions, but adult assistance is recommended for assembling the pieces as it requires a bit of strength to attach them securely. Additionally, the car is customizable, allowing you to replace the original brand logo with your own on the top.

Key Features

  • Dual-powered car: Can be configured as either a mousetrap car or a rubber band car
  • Uses a mousetrap or rubber band for a motor
  • String or rubber band transmits force to turn wheels
  • Laser-cut parts for precision
  • Plastic wheels with traction bands
  • Metallic rod axles
  • Includes printed and online instructions
  • No glue required for assembly
  • Customizable logo on top

Product Specifications

Product Name:Combination Mousetrap and Rubber Band Car Kit
Power Source:Mousetrap or Rubber Band
Method of Transmission:String or Rubber Band
Preparation Required:None (Adult assistance recommended for assembly)
Assembly Required:Yes
Parts Included:1 car, 2 back wheels, 2 front wheels, 2 axles 1/8", 2 traction bands, 2 replacement traction bands, rubber bands, string, mousetrap

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Perfect for:
  • Science enthusiasts
  • Students learning physics and mechanics
  • Teachers seeking hands-on activities
  • Parents engaging children in STEM
  • Hobbyists enjoying DIY projects

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  • Model: CARMTS
  • Brand: Mini-Science