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Motor With Wire, Toy Motor, Flat

Compact motor for DIY projects and scientific experiments. DC 1.5V-3.0V.
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Flat Design Motor for DIY Projects, Toy Cars, and Science Experiments

This small but powerful flat design motor is perfect for a variety of projects, including DIY projects, toy cars, and scientific experiments. With detailed specifications and a compact size, this motor is an excellent choice for students and hobbyists alike.

Product Details:

Motor Size:15 * 20 * 25 MM
Overall Shaft Length:38 MM
Exposed Shaft:7.5 MM up to 8 MM
Shaft Diameter:2.0 MM
Operating Voltage:DC 1.5 V to DC 3.0 V
No Load Speed (at 1.5 V):9100 rpm
No Load Current (at 1.5 V):200 mA
Max Efficiency Speed (at 1.5 V):6990 rpm
Max Efficiency Current (at 1.5 V):660 mA
Max Efficiency Torque (at 1.5 V):6
Max Efficiency Output (at 1.5 V):0.43 Watt
Stall Torque (at 1.5 V):26
Stall Current (at 1.5 V):2.2 Amps
No Load Speed (at 3.0 V):16400 rpm
No Load Current (at 3.0 V):230 mA
Max Efficiency Speed (at 3.0 V):13200 rpm
Max Efficiency Current (at 3.0 V):950 mA
Max Efficiency Torque (at 3.0 V):8.6
Max Efficiency Output (at 3.0 V):1.16 Watt
Stall Torque (at 3.0 V):44
Stall Current (at 3.0 V):3.92 Amps
Motor Weight:About 16.3 g (With Wire: 20 g)
Rotor:Contains 16 sheets of silicon forming 3 coils
Wire Length:12 inches or 30 cm
Battery Compatibility:Works fine with one or two batteries

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Perfect for DIY projects, toy cars, scientific experiments, and student projects.
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  • Model: DC130RAW
  • Brand: MiniScience