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  • Motor Pulley 17-mm Pack of 10

Motor Pulley 17-mm Pack of 10

Pack of 10 motor pulleys for small motors with 2-mm shaft.
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Motor Pulley 17-mm Pack of 10

This motor pulley is designed for small motors with a 2-mm shaft. It features a bore (center hole) diameter of 1.78 mm, ensuring a snug connection with 2-mm shafts. The outside diameter of the pulley is 16.68 mm, and the diameter inside the groove is 14.07 mm. With an overall thickness of 4.14 mm (width near the center), this pulley provides reliable performance.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for small motors with 2-mm shaft
  • Pack of 10 pulleys for convenient use
  • Bore diameter of 1.78 mm for a snug connection
  • Outer diameter of 16.68 mm and groove diameter of 14.07 mm
  • Overall thickness of 4.14 mm
  • Compatible with 1-2 mm thick belts (strings or rubber bands)

Product Specifications:

Bore Diameter1.78 mm
Outer Diameter16.68 mm
Groove Diameter14.07 mm
Overall Thickness4.14 mm

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Caution: This product is intended for use as a traction tire. Please ensure proper installation and compatibility with your specific motor and application.

Perfect for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and small-scale mechanical projects.
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  • Model: MPUL17R
  • Brand: MiniScience