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Miniature Lamps / Light Bulbs 6.3V, 0.5A

Small, powerful bulbs for a variety of uses.
SKU: P56305
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Miniature Lamps / Light Bulbs 6.3V, 0.5A

Looking for a reliable source of miniature lamps or light bulbs? Look no further than our pack of 10 miniature lamps/light bulbs, designed to provide consistent and long-lasting illumination. These lamps are perfect for a variety of applications, from automotive to industrial, and are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. With a voltage of 6.3V and a current of 0.5A, these lamps provide ample power for your lighting needs. So why wait? Order your pack of 10 miniature lamps/light bulbs today and start enjoying reliable, high-quality illumination!

Product Specifications:

Product NameMiniature Lamps / Light Bulbs 6.3V, 0.5A (Pack Of 10)
TypeLamps, Miniature, Light, Bulbs
Pack SizePack Of 10

CAUTION: Handle with care to avoid breakage. Do not touch bulb with bare hands as oils from skin may cause damage. Use only with appropriate voltage and current rating.

Perfect for:

  • Electricians and technicians
  • DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists
  • Small businesses and manufacturers
  • Automotive and marine industries
  • Electronic repair shops
  • Engineering students and professionals

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  • Model: P56305
  • Brand: MiniScience