Glass Thermometer -10ºC to 110ºC, White or Yellow with Red Spirit.

Accurate temperature readings for lab and school use.
SKU: GAT10110
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Extended Range High Contrast Celsius Thermometer

The Extended Range High Contrast Celsius Thermometer allows for easy reading thanks to its high contrast design featuring a white or yellow background, black markings, and red spirit. This Celsius thermometer is graduated for temperatures ranging from -10 up to 110 degrees Celsius, providing a broader temperature measurement spectrum. The thermometer is calibrated for partial immersion. There's a line (the immersion line) around it that determines the correct level for insertion in a liquid for accurate temperature readings.

Key Features

  • High contrast display for clear reading.
  • Extended range from -10 to 110 degrees Celsius.
  • Calibrated for partial immersion with a marked immersion line.
  • Each thermometer is individually packaged in a protective plastic tubular container.
  • Overall length of 30 cm (12 inches).

Product Specifications

Material Glass
Measurement Unit Celsius
Temperature Range -10 to 110 degrees
Length 30 cm (12 inches)

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Perfect for Laboratories, Educational institutions, Students studying temperature and its measurements, Industrial users, DIY experiment enthusiasts.
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  • Model: GAT10110
  • Brand: MiniScience