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Dc Motor, Round, Precious Metal Brush 14270

Low voltage, low current motors with precious metal brush for smooth operation.
SKU: RF300CA14270
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RF-300CA Round DC Motors

Low voltage, super low current motors with precious metal brush provide smooth operation, low vibration, and low heat. These motors are perfect for CD/DVD drives, audio devices, office automation, motorized toys, robots, models, and small electromechanical devices. The diameter of the motors is 24.3 mm max, and the connection wires are 150 mm long.

Key Features:

  • Precious metal brush
  • 3-slot armature
  • 3-bar commutator
  • Plastic-insulated sheet rotors
  • Plastic core commutator
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Class B winding wire
  • Zinc-coated steel housing
  • Metal end cap
  • Rubber magnet
  • Oil-impregnated bearing
  • Built-in varistor

These motors are also known as Solar Motors because they can operate with low current produced by most solar panels. The shaft is 2 mm in diameter and 10 mm in length, and each motor has two connection wires, 15 cm long, and 5 mm stripped and tinned at the ends. They operate with one or two AA batteries.

Product Specifications:

Parameter Value
Name RF-300CA Round DC Motors
Voltage 2.0-6.0V
Power 0.07W
Diameter 25mm
Shaft Diameter 2mm
Shaft Length 10mm
Connection Wire Length 150mm
Maximum Speed 2700 RPM

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Perfect for: DIY enthusiasts, makers, engineers, and hobbyists.

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  • Model: RF300CA14270
  • Brand: MiniScience