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Bone Shears (Bone Cutting Forceps) 105mm, Curved Blade 15mm

Tool for cutting bones and cartilage quickly.
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Bone Shears (Bone Cutting Forceps) 105mm

Bone Shears (Bone Cutting Forceps) 100mm is a specialized tool designed for speeding dissection work by cutting cartilage, chitin, bones, skull, and other tough materials. Made of high-quality plated steel, these bone shears are durable and long-lasting. They are perfect for use in medical and scientific research settings where precision and accuracy are essential. Whether you are a professional surgeon or a scientist, Bone Shears (Bone Cutting Forceps) 100mmm is an essential tool you need to have in your toolkit.

Key Features:

  • 105mm size for precision cutting
  • 15mm cutting blade
  • Designed for cutting cartilage, chitin, bones, and skull
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Speeds up dissection work
  • Provides precise and clean cuts
  • Easy to handle and use

Product Specifications:

Product NameBone Shears (Bone Cutting Forceps) 105mm
TypeShears, Cutting, Forceps
Intended UseFor speeding dissection work by cutting cartilage, chitin, bones, skull etc.
FeaturesFor speeding dissection work by cutting
Blade 15mm

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CAUTION: Use caution when handling Bone Shears (Bone Cutting Forceps) 100mm as they are designed to cut through cartilage, chitin, bones, skull, etc. Always wear protective gloves and eyewear when using these shears to avoid injury. Keep out of reach of children.

Perfect for:

  • Medical professionals such as surgeons, orthopedists, and anatomists who require precision and speed in their dissection work.
  • Veterinarians who need to perform surgeries on animals.
  • Research facilities that conduct experiments on bones and tissues.
  • Teaching institutions such as medical schools and veterinary schools.
  • Forensic experts who need to examine bones for criminal investigations.
  • Bone collectors and enthusiasts who need to prepare specimens for display or study.

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