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Battery Holder, 2AA, Plastic

2-AA battery holder with 6-inch wire leads.
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PBH2AA Plastic Battery Holder

PBH2AA is a plastic battery holder designed for 2 AA batteries, connecting them in series to produce about 3 Volts output. It features red and black wire leads, each approximately 6 inches long. The holder is clearly marked for battery size and placement direction, with curved side walls for secure battery positioning. Additionally, it offers convenient mounting options with screw holes or double-sided adhesive tapes. The wire leads have stripped and tinned ends measuring 5 mm. The overall dimensions are 57 x 33 x 15.5 mm. Ideal for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and those in need of a dependable power source.

Key Features: Reliable 2 AA Battery Holder for 3 Volts Output

  • Holds 2 AA batteries
  • Connects batteries in series for 3 Volts output
  • Red and black wire leads, 6 inches long each
  • Clearly marked for battery size and placement
  • Curved side walls for secure battery positioning
  • Mounting options: screw holes or double-sided adhesive
  • Stripped and tinned wire ends (5 mm)
  • Overall dimensions: 57 x 33 x 15.5 mm

Product Specifications: Battery Holder, 2AA, Plastic

Material Plastic
Battery Type AA
Battery Capacity 2
Output Voltage 3 Volts
Wire Length 6 Inches
Wire Colors Red and Black
Direction of Battery Placement Clearly Marked
Additional Features Curved Side Walls for Secure Battery Holding

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Wrong use of the battery holder may cause overheating and melting. Always ensure that the batteries are inserted in the correct direction and size as marked on the holder. Do not mix different types of batteries. Keep somebody who understands the proper way to use the battery holder nearby when it's in the vicinity of children. Dispose of used batteries properly.

Perfect for DIY electronics enthusiasts, students studying electronics, professionals in the electronics industry, engineers working on battery-powered projects, hobbyists building electronic gadgets, individuals interested in battery-powered.
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  • Model: PBH2AA
  • Brand: MiniScience