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Battery Holder, 8Aa Doubled Sided, Plastic

Compact 8AA battery holder for 12V applications.
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PBH8AADS Battery Holder

The PBH8AADS is a compact battery holder designed for 12-volt applications. It features a plastic construction and can hold 8 AA batteries, with each side holding 4 batteries. The overall dimensions of the holder are L:57mm x W:60mm x H:29mm, making it easy to fit into tight spaces. The black and red connection wires are 6 inches long and are stripped and tinned 3mm on the ends. This battery holder is perfect for projects that require a reliable and compact power source.

Product Specifications:

Product Name Battery Holder, 8Aa Doubled Sided, Plastic
Material Plastic
Battery Type AA
Number of Batteries 8
Dimensions L:57mm x W:60mm x H:29mm
Connection Wires Black and Red wires, 6 inches long, stripped and tinned 3mm on the ends

Perfect for:

  • DIY electronics enthusiasts
  • Robotics hobbyists
  • STEM educators
  • Engineering students
  • Electronic technicians
  • Hardware developers

  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: PBH8AADS
  • Brand: MiniScience