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Battery Holder, 4C, Plastic

Holds 4 C batteries, 6V output, marked for easy mounting.
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PBH4CL Plastic Battery Holder

PBH4CL is a long plastic battery holder that is designed to hold 4 C cell batteries, connecting them in a series arrangement to form about 6 volts output. This battery holder has a pair of red and black wire leads that are about 6 inches long each, making it easy to connect to your circuit. The side walls are curved to securely hold the batteries in place, and it is clearly marked for the size and direction of mounting the batteries. The PBH4CL is a reliable and durable solution for your battery needs.

Key Features:

  • Holds 4 C cell batteries
  • Connects batteries in series arrangement to form about 6 volts output
  • Pair of red and black wire leads that are about 6 inches long each
  • Clearly marked for size and direction of mounting batteries
  • Curved side walls for secure battery holding
  • Durable plastic construction

Product Specifications:

Product Name Battery Holder, 4C, Plastic
Product Type Battery Holder
Battery Type C Cell Batteries
Material Plastic
Output Voltage 6 Volts
Wire Leads Length 6 Inches Each
Mounting Direction Clearly Marked
Additional Features Curved Side Walls for Secure Battery Holding

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CAUTION: Ensure correct battery size and orientation before use. Do not mix old and new batteries. Dispose of used batteries properly. Keep out of reach of children.

Perfect for:

  • DIY electronics enthusiasts
  • Electricians and technicians
  • Engineering students
  • Robotics hobbyists
  • Science fair projects
  • STEM educators

  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: PBH4CL
  • Brand: MiniScience