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Battery Connector, Simple

Easy-to-use battery connector for 9-volt batteries.
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Simple Pbc9Vs Battery Connector

The Simple Pbc9Vs Battery Connector is a perfect solution for anyone looking for a simple, yet effective way to connect 9-volt batteries. This battery connector comes without a vinyl cover and has a pair of red and black lead wires that are stripped and tinned 5 mm on the ends. The connector back is not covered so that you can see the connectors and wires attached to them. This product is ideal for educational applications and is sure to be a hit with students and educators alike.

Product Specifications:

Product Name Simple Pbc9Vs Battery Connector
Connector Type Simple Connector
Compatible Battery Type 9-Volt Battery
Lead Wire Color Red and Black
Lead Wire Length 5 mm (stripped and tinned on the ends)
Covering No vinyl cover
Application Educational

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CAUTION: This battery connector is not covered and may pose a hazard if not handled properly. Use with caution and keep away from children.

Perfect for:

  • Science and engineering students
  • Teachers and educators
  • DIY electronics enthusiasts
  • Small-scale hobbyists
  • Individuals interested in learning about battery connections
  • Those looking for a simple and affordable battery connector option

  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: PBC9VS
  • Brand: MiniScience