Prices: All orders will be accepted according to our current Price List. All prices are in US dollar FOB, shipping point, unless otherwise agreed. Any state, federal, local and custom duties are extra where applicable, unless otherwise agreed. If you need our current price list, please call, write or fax.

Delivery: Items in stock will be shipped within 7 days of the receipt of your order. As we source our inventory world–wide, please allow 4–6 weeks for items not in stock. Very heavy and bulky items may need more time. In case you wish to avoid delays altogether, please order in advance. We are willing to stock items for you and make deliveries according to prearranged schedules, without any obligation.

Terms: All orders must be entered online and must be paid before shipping. We accept credit card, school check, government check, money order or bank check. You can also get a quote online and make your buying decision later. Frequent buyers will be offered net 30 days term after reviewing purchase history for at least 2 years.

Returns and Guarantee: We offer 45–days unconditional guarantee on any product sold by us. Please do not return any goods without written agreement from us. Each request for return must include customer’s order number, our invoice number, and reasons for return. Returns are not allowed on the goods supplied on “special order basis” and merchandise past 90 days of invoicing. The goods being returned must be in new condition, securely packed and shipped prepaid to SchoolOrders.com. All goods ordered in error are subject to 10% restocking charge.

Shipping: Goods will be shipped by most economical Carrier unless otherwise specified in advance.

Damage or Loss: Our liability ceases after the goods are handed to the Carriers. Please inspect all shipments the day they are received. Any shipment apparently damaged must be reported on the consignee copy of the freight bill at the time of delivery or claim may by disallowed. Any concealed damage must be reported within 5 working days. Please retain the merchandise in the original packaging pending its inspection by the Carriers.

Design Changes: We reserve the right to change the design or material of construction used in any item. Dimensions given in the catalog are approximate only which can vary if the design is altered.

Copyright: Pictures, photos supplied and the catalog are copyrighted and may be used only for advertising or selling our products.