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For demonstrating the different heat conductivity of five metals by observing the melting of wax.
Consists of five rods (l x d), 75 x 5mm of aluminum, brass, iron, copper, and stainless steel which are radially fitted on a brass disk of about 27mm diameter. Each of these rods have a cavity at the outer end for holding paraffin wax. The central disk is joined to an insulated handle by 125mm long plated steel rod. Overall length about 32cm.

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For demonstrating the expansion or contraction of metals.
Consists of two brass rods with insulated handles. One of the rods has a ring and the other one has a ball of approximate diameter 25mm, attached at the end. The brass ball passes through the ring when both are at room temperature, but when the ball is heated it expands and can not pass through the ring.

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To demonstrate unequal expansion in different metals on heating. Highlights the role of temperature and materials in practical applications such as in thermostats.
Consists of a laminated strip of two different metals fitted in a wooden handle. The strip is about (l x w), 200 x 10mm. Due to differences in the co-efficients of linear expansion of both metals, the laminated strip bends dramatically on heating.

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For determining specific heat, heat of fusion and heat of vaporisation.
Consists of two polished spun aluminum vessels, i.e. an inner calorimeter (h x d), 80 x 65mm and an outer calorimeter (h x d), 140 x 100mm. Includes a plastic ring for seating the inner calorimeter, a stirrer, and a plastic lid for outer vessel. The lid has two holes for the thermometer and the stirrer. Supplied without the thermometer.

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For determining the mechanical equivalent of heat by measuring the heat generated in an electrical resistance.
Includes the calorimeter set of two described above. The plastic lid is fitted with a heating coil to work with 6V supply or a battery, two 4mm socket binding posts for electrical connections, stirrer with an insulated handle and a single-hole rubber stopper for inserting a thermometer. Supplied without the thermometer. Requires a suitable voltmeter, ammeter, and thermometer (not supplied).

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For showing that when different metal cylinders are heated to the same temperature and immersed individually in an equal quantity of water, the rise in temperature of the water is directly proportional to the specific heat of the chosen metal cylinder. Individual cylinders can also be used for precise specific heat determination.
Includes six cylinders made of aluminum, brass, copper, iron, lead, and zinc having diameters of 13mm. The length of each cylinder is adjusted so that all of them have the same mass.

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